Tuesday, January 24, 2012

100 days of kindergarten...

And this is worthy of a school celebration. Oh yessirree it is. Yippeekiyay mudder fuggers! Bean has managed to slog her little 5 year old self through half of her kindergarten career. What a load off my mind. I mean, this is tough stuff, learning your address and phone number which she refuses to do on the grounds that Ms. Owens can just FB me if she needs to find our house or call our home. Can I call my 5 year old a smart ass?

Bean slaved away last night, counting out 1 cheerio at a time until the 100th made it into the baggy. We only had to start over at least 100 times (see how I can help make this 100 party even more awesomer?), what with Gabbers snatching every 23rd cheerio until I finally redirected her to the vents for goldfish crackers. See: http://www.talesofthreelasses.com/2012/01/see-shes-looking-down-that-ventwhile.html

If she gets to have a hoedown for making it through 100 days of learning her letters, numbers and using a kleenex instead of little Joey's t-shirt, well than damn it I deserve a party for making it through 100 days of something.

  • 100 days have come and gone and I never once shut the 3 lasses in closets (separate of course- I mean I'm not evil) with just bowls of water and crackers so I could play Scrabble on my iPhone uninterrupted. What. This game is heroin to me.
  • 100 days of 6th grade, 3rd grade and kindergarten homework, band practice, choir practice, music programs, conferences, dropping off at friends, picking up at friends, time outs, headaches/belly aches/coughing/snotting/bloodied knees, lying, bickering...Hold up! That's 100 days of parenting! Congratulations to all of you! Here's 100 high fives to all you awesome moms and dads.
  • 100 days of being subjected to the god awful never ending ear bleeding ignoramus spewings of Newty, Ronny, Ricky I, Ricky II, Mitty, Michelley. You know I lean so left I can't walk without using the wall to balance me.
  • And of course of course of course I celebrate 100 days of smooches and hugs and I love you's from my seriously affectionate gals.
What 100th day celebration do you need to throw for yourself? Invite me. I'm good for the wine.

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  1. I'm not as clever with words as you are dear sis, but someone throw me a party for listening to 100 days (and more of course) of my sweet Melody going on about her reptiles.

    Loved your 100 days list and the fish cracker treasure hunt in the vents!