Saturday, January 21, 2012

Diarrhea mouth

The 3 lasses have a bad case of it and it goes something like this:

Lass I:
We watched this scary movie last night, mom, and there was this girl who was being followed by STOP it Gab I mean it and this bad guy kept watching her GAB QUIT IT mom, do you like my earrings they're puzzle pieces Gab got'em for me for christmas I wish it was still christmas are we really going to go to that toboggan park I can't believe the snow is going to melt tomorrow that's so not fair JILLIAN GO AWAY I think it's awesome you're doing a blog but you need to use weebli (what the what?) because it's better what are you going to talk about i'm bored Gab go upstairs with me (such the chicken shits about the upstairs and it's BROAD DAY LIGHT) no the scary movies do not make me afraid to go upstairs alone i just like Gab to go with me GAB STOP IT.....

Let's move onto Lass II, shall we? Hey, if I have to endure mouth squirts than I need some company.

Lass II:
I'm starving (this 8 yr old child eats.all.the.time and can share pants with 5 yr old Lass III) but there's nothing to eat so why can't we go to Golden Corral (aka, Golden Trough) you and dad can get salad i swear i won't bug you about it MARIN I'M NOT GOING UPSTAIRS WITH YOU! I'll go upstairs with Marin if you take me to Golden Corral oh my god you are not braiding my hair, Marin, fine but I'm not keeping'em in long what am I going to eat, mom, i'm STAAARRVING and we're out of goldfish I can see down this vent, mom,  what's down there I'll keep the braids in if you take us to Golden Corral GAWD i'm bored i'm not watching sports why do I have to watch upstairs do we have string cheese we don't have string cheese! what am i going to eat get these braids out of my hair can i have someone stay overnight you NEVER let me it's not fair.

And we can't forget about Lass III- this child needs vats of Immodium, good friggin' god.

Lass III:
I need some peanut butter and jelly but i'll still eat at Golden Corral  dad says we can go yes he DID no, don't ask him  I am.not.fibbing can i play with your iphone i wanna play Temple Run MARIN!! please let me play with your iphone GAWD you are SO mean to me I don't wanna play with my ds it's boring where are my blankies I'm not going upstairs to look for them unless you come, too, i wanna play golf too that's not FAIR! can we stay overnight with you, Uncle Steve, why not i won't bug you we can listen to the Coors (the Cure), no i am NOT tired, i'm glad my toes didn't come off from the snow, dad has holes in his knees won't they come off when he's in the snow i don't want to go back outside because my toes might fall off, i didn't fart GAB! it wasn't me it was YOU.

You know what I'm pouring for myself right now.


  1. When you take your kids to golden corral will you take mine to orange leaf?
    I didn't realize cc had such incredible food.

  2. My previous comment didn't post...bummer. I found this very entertaining yet VERY EXHAUSTING to read...welcome to YOUR world, right?? X0X0