Monday, January 30, 2012

Future social worker anyone?

Our Marin. Min. Minnypoo (surprisingly? the poo name doesn't embarrass her- yet). I am constantly amazed at the stupid wonderfully witty things all of my girls say and do.
"Really, Cindy? Wow. We wouldn't know since you never ever never tell us what cute poop thing Bean said or what 3rd grade riddle Gab told you or how Marin stayed up late, worrying about the Middle East. Seriously, Cindy, you should be more open about your girls."

Because I sense your honesty here and not an inkling of eye rolling, I gotta tell ya about our sweet Min's most recent musings, or more appropriate- "i can't sleep at night, mom" worries (I'll save that for a later post- I know, don't leave you hanging for too long- but I'm sick that Min may have inherited the super shitty, agonizing insomnia I had at her age).

Anywaze, so Min is sitting in the family room with her back to me, all quiet which makes me happy worried, than says, "Mom? Have I wasted my childhood? I feel like maybe I have. I should do more."

I'm sorry. Isn't she going to be 12 this May? Shouldn't most of us grown ups be wondering this?

"Why, yes, Marin, you are most definitely wasting it away and you should be doing more. So from now on, you can load and unload the dishwasher. And fold and put away the laundry. Oh, and clean the toilets. Yes. Now you're not wasting away these precious years. And don't forget to make my martini COLD."

Sooo, off comes my well worn sarcasm hat and on goes the serious mom hat. "Aren't you still in your childhood?" ....this led us into a  Min to Mom chat about volunteering, where she could "do more" for those with less. Or take some dogs for walks at the animal shelter. Or put on a food drive for the homeless vets at my agency.

For those of us who know our Min, I supposed this most recent musing of her's isn't much of a shocker. This child makes me wonder if I'm doing enough. And damn it, that totally pisses me off!

...but god i love this kid.


  1. Marin is a treasure! Even though I know it's not right to compare my kids to others, I wish my girls had an inkling of her depth. She's going to do great things for others, just like her mom and dad. : )

  2. I'm go lame-o on you and say "Ditto" to what Pam says. I love your kids!!!

  3. You gals can borrow your nieces anytime....and I'll borrow my nieces.