Friday, January 20, 2012

You could call it that.

Bean and I were brushing our teeth together this morning. Well, I don't think sucking the toothpaste off the brush can be considered brushing by any dentist's standards but at least there's some fluoride floating around her mouth. While sucking on toothpaste, Bean is lifting her shirt up and down so I start tickling her belly.

"That's MY belly, Bean."
"Stop it, mom! It's not YOUR belly; it's MY belly."
"No, it's mine 'cuz daddy and I made that belly."
No pause. Bean raises 1 eyebrow, winks at me and says in a lowered voice, "I know how you made me."

I choke a little and spit out my toothpaste and begin plotting out the appropriate punishment for Bean's 2 older sisters who had to be the culprits of ruining Bean's innocent mind.

I'm afraid to ask. So I say, "Really."
"Yep. You guys were borning me. You know, when I come out of your body?"

Yes, Bean, we were borning you. That's all we were doing.


  1. Its about damn time Cindy. Happy to be the first follower and biggest fan.

  2. I dedicate this first post about borning to you, Laurie, my good friend. Now let's see if I post any more. I'm thirsty. It must be Wine o' clock.